First the Golden Globes, now the Grammys?

The ongoing Writers Guild of America strike has finally started to make Hollywood nervous.

First NBC tried to get the WGA to agree to a waiver to allow them to broadcast the Golden Globe awards without people picketing in front of the hotel. The WGA politely told NBC where to stick their waiver and informed them that not one of the actors nominated for awards would cross the picket lines. This forced NBC - much to Exec Ben Silverman's chagrin - to reduce the awards gala from a big, exclusive, cash cow, to an infotainment-laden, psuedo newscast turkey, open to all members of the press.

At that point, people started to realize that the WGA may have Tinseltown by the short and curlies.

Now it seems that the WGA may be poised to wreak havoc with the music industry's little masturbatory pat on back.

According to the AP, (via Yahoo! News), producers of the Grammy Awards have requested an interim agreement that would allow striking Hollywood writers to work on next month's telecast.

But just like the idea of Hanna Montana actually writing the songs herself, don't hold your breath:

Writers Guild of America spokesman Gregg Mitchell said the request was referred to the board of the union's West Coast branch for a decision. He said earlier in the day, however, that a deal "is unlikely to be granted."
"We will take whatever action is necessary to ensure that a program so vital to our industry, artists, charitable beneficiaries, and the great city of Los Angeles is held as planned," said the statement by Neil Portnow, president and chief executive of The Recording Academy, which owns all rights to the Grammy telecast but does not produce the show.

This may make for an interesting broadcast if the same thing that happened to the Golden Globes occurs at the Grammys. Should the Grammys go on as planned and the WGA picket in front of the theater, will artists refuse to cross picket lines?

The drama will most-likely unfold in the following week. Stay tuned.

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