Does Trent Reznor Support an ISP Tax?

Trent Reznor was recently quoted by CNET supporting an ISP Tax. However, typical of most journalists, Its not entirely the whole side of the story.

On his blog, Trent explained himself a little further.

Well, it appears the story was written before I was involved, and I woke up the next day to find out I'm a supporter of an ISP tax. Thanks, CNET. I believe I was asked for possible solutions for the recording industry to which I replied something along the lines of "perhaps an additional 5 dollars on your ISP bill that allowed you complete, easy access to all the music in the world would work". Of course in reality this would never work because it would require accurate accounting, agreement among thieves, etc. And, who the fuck cares what I think about this, anyway?

We know you must be shocked that a site as credible as CNET managed to get Trent's feelings incorrect. I know I hate it when deadlines get in the way of those silly little facts. Who needs the truth, anyway. Right?

CNET has now updated the article and included an audio recording of the interview, along with a transcript of the exact quote. Think they might be afraid of rabid NIN fans?

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