Defending Mr. Lucas

George Lucas's "Star Wars" was an amazing amalgam of classic Japanese stories, integrated, modernized and "Americized" for a new generation. The result is a franchise that has now passed from one generation to the next and transformed Lucas from humble filmmaker to cinematic god. (at least among the sci-fi crowd).

However the films are not without their detractors and over the years their voices have grown, especially after the introduction of the new films within Lucas' cannon.

Independent Journalist "Spoof Laughlin" sends us his comments on the bashing people have been giving to the granddaddy of sci-fi adventure movies:


Star Wars has been the center of much debate. Many fans spend their time watching the movies, finding little reasons to hate Star Wars, or claiming one movie is good and the others were destroyed by a single thing and it ruined the whole movie. There was even one guy claiming that real fans hate Star Wars…bit of an oxymoron, coming from a moron. If someone is a fan of something…why would they hate it? If they hate it, why would they be a fan? But I digress.

The main reason people claim to hate Star Wars: Jar Jar Binks. Can one character, albeit a stupid one, really destroy a whole saga? Yes, he was put in there for comic relief, and for kids, but is that so wrong? Most of the people who are complaining were kids when they first saw the original trilogy (in fact, most people were, be it old fans or still young), and they might have fallen in love with Star Wars for some of the childish things in the original trilogy, such as the Ewoks, the Jawas, or C-3P0 and R2-D2. Yes, Jar Jar was a bit annoying, but every movie or story has a character no one likes. Ned Flanders on The Simpsons is annoying, but no one hates the show simply because of him.

Another reason people claim for the “decline in quality Star Wars” is George Lucas doing it for the money. No shit. He is a filmmaker, he makes films for a living, and how dare he make his own film for his income! Yes, he has tons of money already, but that doesn’t mean he should completely trade in and not make money from doing what he is good at.

People who watch Star Wars and nitpick it apart and don’t appreciate it as a saga are not fans, no matter how much they claim it. Watching it repeatedly doesn’t create fandom. Appreciation of the show/story/movie/game (take your pick), appreciating it for what it is and the people that had the imagination and the determination to make it work, is real fandom. Even just liking it because it looks cool is more “fannish” then bashing it constantly. I’m sick of all the people trying to get their two cents in by bashing Star Wars.

I bet any of the people who have ever written badly about Star Wars, and still claimed to be lifelong fans, couldn’t write anything half as compelling, which is really why everyone does it. They are jealous, they can’t be that big, so tear down the giant.

Now, I realize I am doing just what they do: using the internet to express my opinion on a subject matter I feel strongly about, and using Star Wars as an easy target, but at least I’m not writing the same problems with the movies that have been posted over and over and over again. I decided to branch out, take the opposite side.

Plus, I mean come on; you can’t beat a movie with lightsabers and the Force.

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