"Crash" to be Made into a TV Series

The 2005 Oscar winning, racially-fueled film "Crash" will be made into a TV series for the Starz television network, marking the cable nets first attempt at originally-produced drama program.

Director Paul Haggis who co-wrote and produced the film on a $4 million budget will executive produce along with actor Don Cheadle, who starred in the original film.

Though not completely inked yet, Cheadle is also in talks to star in the series, reprising his role as an LAPD detective. Starz executives said the series will pick up where the film left off.

Casting for the series hasn't been confirmed, but Starz said Cheadle will work to bring some of his movie co-stars into the new series, at least for the first few episodes (presumably to use the star power to entice viewers).

"We're just going to rely on the strength of the material and the relationship that Don Cheadle and Paul Haggis had to get the original cast involved," Starz programming executive Stephan Shelansk said. "We're talking to everybody. We would love to have as many of the cast members from this film as possible reprise their roles."

Production is expected to move fast and Starz is hinting that the new series could be ready as early as August of this year.

The film's director, co-writer and producer, Paul Haggis, will lead the show's creative team as executive producer along with actor Don Cheadle, who starred in and shared a producer credit on the movie.

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