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Lately I have been watching more of the commentary tracks included in most movies, and I’m usually quite disappointed when the movie does not include such a track, or multiple tracks; commentaries from directors, the cast, or certain members of the crew, depending on who worked on the movies. But, some commentaries stand out more then other, whether from being really boring, or being the best commentaries ever. Using my newly appointed blogging...appointment, I would like to share with you my three favorite commentaries from movies I have seen recently. These are opinionated, so obviously it’s not an exact science on the art of the movie, though they are all good movies as well.

My third favorite commentary is for the movie “Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny.” Any fan of Jack Black, Kyle Gass, dirty humor, pot jokes…or comedy for that matter, would love this movie. The DVD includes deleted/extended scenes, behind the scenes featurettes, and the like. The commentaries included are one from the director Liam Lynch (also director of the short lived Tenacious D HBO series and multiple D videos), and one from the stars Jack Black and Kyle Gass. The one with JB and KG is almost as funny as the movie itself. They comment that they recorded the commentary shortly before leaving for the premiere of the movie, so they could watch it twice in a row. Throughout the commentary you can tell the chemistry they share on camera isn’t exaggerated, and they are the closest of friends. They are just profoundly funny to watch and to listen, from JB trying to hear the lyrics to their own songs to both getting the “fucks” out so they don’t make the word lose its humor by overusing it. Just very funny stuff.

Second on my list: “Star Trek: First Contact.” Already my favorite Star Trek movie, directed by Jonathan Frakes (Commander William Riker), it shows, for the first time, the Borg Queen and how the Borg societal structure really operates. Like most of the Star Trek movies, the first edition of the DVD had little to no special features, but lately, possibly in promotion to the tour, Paramount has been putting out most of the movies in Special Edition. First Contact includes, amongst other things, a commentary by Director and Co-Star of the movie, Jonathan Frakes. As Cmdr. Riker, fans know Frakes to have a sense of humor, but as himself he is also very funny. He spends half the commentary cheering on the crew of the Enterprise-E, or commenting on what a good actor it was that played “that Riker Fellow.” Frakes informs people of important parts of production when he feels he needs to, but also adds in little lines like “Star Trek loves its dry ice effects,” as any fan knows when they see the ship damaged. Funny, easy-going director, great movie as well.

The best commentary I have heard to date, hands down, is the commentary on “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” starring Will Ferrell. The commentary includes Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, with Andy Richter and Kyle Gass walking in and being included later on, as well as co-stars Paul Rudd calling into the commentary to make some remarks to Richter and KG. I will admit that I haven’t seen the entire commentary of this movie, only about one-third of it.In that time, I heard Ferrell and McKay reference the movie only once, once asking “Hey, is that the chick from married with children?” when Christina Applegate appeared on screen. The rest of the commentary I listened to, they were merely trying to see what swear words they could get away with, or how filthy they could actually be on the commentary track. Richter and Gass walk in and start asking Ferrell, in a seemingly upset manner, why they weren’t included in this after they were in Elf with the star. They make comments about Paul Rudd, who later calls in to make comments in return. The commentaries track itself has little to nothing to do with the actual movie, and is like a whole separate entity in and of itself. Very funny to listen to, will have you laughing the whole way though, I promise.

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Myku said...

Hooray for Tenacious D!

I'm the only person in my little corner of the universe that shows any love for that movie. It's nice to hear something positive about it.

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