Britney's Digital Portrait

Only 4 days into the new year and already Britney has found a way to bring the limelight back to her utterly pathetic ass and take some of the press away from her sixteen year old and pregnant sister.
Well rest assured that we are not going to be covering anything to do with this trainwreck, her sister, or any other "celebutard," other than to point out the talents of a fantastic artist.
"14" has become one of my favorite artists lately and the above work of art explains why I like her. Here is her description from her site,
I messed around on ArtPad's digital canvas today while having my morning coffee and this is the monstrosity I created. Similar to a dumbed down wacom tablet, the
digital canvas allows you to paint your masterpiece as it records your
brushstrokes. Once you've completed your magnum opus, save and send the link to
your pals and they can watch in awe as your masterpiece unfolds before their
eyes. Or they can press "delete". Watch my painting process
. Be sure and move the speed control to "fast" or else you might fall

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