A Bioshock Movie in the Works?

My total experience with the game Bioshock, amounts to about 60 minutes playing it one night when one of my co-workers brought his X-box to work and we hooked it up to one of our giant plasma screens in an editing suite. Granted, I got to play the game in a particularly well-tuned environment, complete with a massive surround sound system, so my experience was pretty close to ideal. Quite honestly, I found it to be a remarkable game. Sure I sucked at the actual game portion, but that is mostly because I was too busy just getting lost in the incredible environment - the pseudo-20's art-deco/steampunk feel to everything, the incredible ambient sounds, and the way the game used hard angles and suspense to create an experience that really transported me into that world. The developers of the game really went all out to provide an truly immersing experience.

People bounce the word "cinematic" around a lot when they talk about this game, so I knew with something that looked this fantastic, it was only a matter of time before someone started developing the concept into a live action film.

Thankfully, it looks like that idea might be on its way as Joystiq reports that there may be talks between the major players to bring the game to the big screen:

The studio hopes to bring the fallen aquatic utopia of Rapture to celluloid life through extensive use of green screen technology, an approach not dissimilar to Legendary Pictures' interpretation of 300. If the computer generated approach is deemed feasible and fitting, the focus can then shift to capturing BioShock's secondary (and uninhabited) characters. While it's not guaranteed to move beyond these early stages, this project has our full support, if only so we can see M. Night Shyamalan's face when he gets out-twisted.
However, because Joystiq writer Ludwig Kietzmann doesn't mention WHICH studio is talking about this, its hard not to think that this sounds more like a "wouldnt it be cool if.." scenario. Rumors being what they are, there is a chance that if this rumor spreads far enough, it might prove to be the catalyst that could get the ball actually rolling on the project. If, on the other hand, there really is a movie being planned in some dark back room of a studio somewhere, I say go for it, guys. Its at least something different.

So far, the only information I've been able to find has been the Joystiq article, which was blogged by Film Junk, and then talked about through the Movie Blog. No other source seems to exist.

We'll try to dig around a little bit and see if we can validate this information a little better. Stay tuned.


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eh...they'll probably screw it up.

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