Anatomy of a Rumor: Routh not Superman?

The Geeks of Doom have an interesting article that dissects how a rumor gets started and then picked up and run with by more traditional media outlets:
Here's what happened:

Variety’s Anne Thompson noted on her blog that “The next Superman we will see on the big screen will not be Brandon Routh, but a younger Superman among a cast of youthful superheroes in Justice League.”

READ: The next movie that has Superman in it will be Justice League, which will not have Routh in the cast (which has been known already since September 2007). The JL movie has nothing to do with the Superman Returns sequel.

Then the website Latino Review - notorious for their rumor-generating capabilities picked up on this and chimed in, saying that they’ve known for weeks that “Brandon Routh will be replaced in the stand alone sequel by whomever is cast as Superman in the upcoming Justice League of America movie.”

Then all Hell breaks loose:

The Guardian UK picks it up, As does the Orlando Sentinel, the guys at G4 TV,, IGN, the Canadian mag CanMag, the UK site Contactmusic UK, Critic compilation site Rottentomatoes, and rumor sites CinemaBlend, Cinematical, and many, MANY others.

Each site has written their article suggesting that they knew all along that this was going to happen.

Then the Daily Stab's article is posted to Digg, where it immediately gets approved by the Digg Mafia to the front page. Digg has since put up a banner exclaiming that "The Content in this Article May be Inaccurate."

This is the point where we all point and laugh at these morons. Especially the schmucks at Latino Review, who have since tried to make excuses for their inaccurate breaking news:
Other sites are breaking our balls about how I wrote this news piece, so let me correct it. (It's my first news article. Give me a break people!) The article does not state that whomever is cast as Superman will also be the same actor to carry on the stand alone Superman sequel, but we've heard otherwise. If we're wrong, you can go back to breaking said balls.
One call to Brandon Routh's agent would have ended this rumor from the start, but these media outlets are so fast to submit an article that they don't bother to check the facts at all.

This is the information age at its best, folks.

Now, if you want to know what has been confirmed in the world of the Superman franchise, here are the facts (mostly):

  • Routh will not play Superman in the upcoming Justice Leage film. Someone else is getting that part (which is rumored to be "Friday Night Lights" star Scott Porter)
  • The two guys who wrote "Superman Returns" will not be writing the sequel. Good. The film sucked. Maybe someone else can come up with something that will resurrect this foundering franchise.
  • Bryan Singer, The director of the Superman Returns will probably not direct the next film.
  • The next movie coming out that will feature Superman will be "Justice League of America", directed by George Miller, who also directed "Babe" and "Happy Feet" and is scheduled for a 2010 release date.
Personally, I think all these different Supermen castings are just diluting the franchise and making it that much more lame.

Stay tuned next week when the rumor of Nicholas Cage playing the man of steel gets re-inserted back into this ongoing soap-opera.


Geeks of Doom Invade Blogger said...

Heh, yeah. We were sitting back watching this madness take place (knowing how off-base LR was) and basically laughing our asses off at how everyone was frenzying to get their version of the "truth" published right-quick. Then when it made digg and we stopped laughing and decided that we needed to set the record straight.

Thank you kindly for the link love!

Dave3 (

The Judge said...

My pleasure!

You guys run a great site.

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