“27 Dresses” Womanly Charming with a Bit of Male Wit

Genres: Comedy and Romance
Running Time:
1 hr. 47 min.
Release Date:
January 18th, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for language, some innuendo and sexuality.
20th Century Fox Distribution

Directed by: Anne Fletcher

JJ Rating: B

Jane (Katherine Heigl) is always a bridesmaid because of her love of weddings and being a good, good friend. She loves George (Edward Burns) her boss. She was to tell him that she loved him, but then he runs into her sister Tess (Malin Akerman). He falls for Tess instead. Tess then gets Jane to help out with their wedding. 27 Dresses.

Yes *sigh* this is a chick flick. I went because my friend has been a bridesmaid a lot. I thought she would appreciate the movie and what it had to offer.

I, personally, do not like Katherine Heigl. I find her to be an instigator and an annoying, whinny person. As an actress I think she is fantastic and out shines other actresses. In 27 Dresses she takes the reigns of this movie and owns it. She delivers the emotional needs, the comedic timing and the chemistry with others phenomenally. Her connection with James Marsden (who plays Kevin her love interest) is awesome. Marsden is constantly the character that just loses the girl to other guys. In almost every single movie he’s been in he’s just outwitted and loses. He is one of my favorite actors. He has great versatility. This is one of the first times I’ve seen he play such a self centered role. Most of his characters had had self confidence and pride, but none have been so centered on themselves in the manner that Kevin is in 27 Dresses.

The story is kind of long winded. 27 Dresses does seemingly manage the time well. There are a few moments I wished it would just go a little faster. The movie is mainly funny more so than it is romantic. There is a tad bit of romance but not as much as one would expect with a movie that deals with weddings. However, the most romantic part of the movie was towards the end and has to do with a gift and an alarm.

This brings me to one of my favorite scenes where Kevin and Jane do a little singing at a bar. Marsden loves to sing as a hobby, so singing with any character is something that he would be eager to do. It’s a fun scene. Jane shows off her dresses to Kevin because he finds her stash, that’s a fun scene. The beginning of the movie is awesome with the back and forth Jane does. It sets the tone for what kind of person she is and it also is funny.

Kevin has a friend. This is a problem because it seems that this friend was supposed to be more important than he was in the final cut. I think they cut a lot of his scenes out. If they didn’t then they really made the relationship between him and Kevin pointless. I did not like the way that felt. It gave off a weird feeling that there was more there but they decided it was not important enough to share, just important enough to tease.

27 Dresses is a decent film and it’s not a horrible to be dragged to if you happen to get dragged. Marsden adds so male kick to the movie and so it’s not totally chicked out. There’s some balls left for the men that get dragged, not totally castrated. It’s not a movie that I’ll want to own or really see again. It had it’s moments but that’s about it.

To sum 27 Dresses up: it’s womanly charming with a bit of male wit.

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