Weekend Box Office Recap

Despite Christian zealots that protested it, Golden Compass directed audience members to let go of $26 million this weekend to score the number one spot in the box office.

Enchanted" dropped 35%

Focus Feature's "Atonement" with Keira Knightley and James McAvoy was only released into 32 theaters, no doubt using the word-of-mouth tactic to help boost its popularity. It cleared $25,000 per screen, which is pretty amazing. We'll see what happens when they put it into a wider audience market. Is this a solid film, or are people just going to see the sweaty and uncomfortable sex scenes between its two stars?

1 (new) His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass $26,125,000
2 (1) Enchanted $10,706,000
3 (3) This Christmas $5,000,000
4 (6) Fred Claus $4,660,000
5 (2) Beowulf $4,400,000
6 (10) No Country for Old Men $4,233,000
7 (7) August Rush $3,525,000
8 (4) Hitman $3,475,000
9 (5) Awake $3,301,000
10 (9) Bee Movie $2,612,000

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