Tom Petty to Play Superbowl Halftime Show

For most people, Halftime at the Super bowl is the chance to go to the bathroom, refresh the drink of choice and talk with all the people you invited to your house to watch millionaires pummel other millionaires for even more millions and millions of dollars.

For others its the chance to turn up the volume on the home theater system and bask in the entertaining glow of the pomp and spectacle that is the halftime show.

OK, I really don't know anyone like that, but it sounded nice.

If you happen to be someone that cares about the halftime show, you might be happy to know that Tom Petty will be lip-syncing his way over the 50 yard line as -we're sure- hundreds of dancers prance around and flash their jazz hands to the music of "Breakdown" and "Freefallin" and ...that other song that Tom Petty is known for.

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Labor Rights said...

This year's Superbowl Halftime show will be sponsored by Bridgestone, a company which owns a rubber plantation in Liberia that is characterized by child labor, abuse of workers' rights and environmental destruction. For more information check out and join the campaign to hold this company accountable!

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