Tom Cruise to Play Lestat Again?

The latest rumor heard so far comes via the Movie Blog that says that United Artists are in talks to acquire the rights to Anne Rice's 4th book in the Vampire Chronicles, "The Tale of the Body Thief" and they hint that while nothing has yet been confirmed, it makes sense that this could be a vehicle for Tom Cruise to get back into the A list.

Personally, I think "Tale of the Body Thief" is Anne Rice's best work out of the four book series. I hope that if this comes to be a reality that they will give it the attention it deserves. The book is filled with fantastic images that would translate quite well to the big screen, provided they do it right.

Will Cruise's movie company buy Anne Rice's book and put Cruise back into the fangs of the vampire Lestat?

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

He was fantastic in Interview, but seriously come on now...he's too old. Interview was over a decade ago. How's an actor who's aged a decade supposed to look as timeless? Failboat suggestion.

The Judge said...

I completely agree. He's not going to look the same, no matter how much makeup they slap on his face.

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