Time Travel: Now 20% Off!

While I'm still burning off the hangover from last night's "Chocolate Cake Martini," Its not too early to get you all thinking about your dear Editor's Christmas present for next year:

The Back To the Future Flux Capacitor Replica

"Get your own time machine up and running with this high-tech replica from the 1985 classic Back to the Future! Reproduced with full light effects and adjustable power settings, the Flux Capacitor replica recreates the 1.21 jigowatt-controlling heart of the De Lorean time machine. Measuring over sixteen inches tall and twelve inches wide, each replica features hand-numbering with a matching box, Certificate of Authenticity and Care Instructions! Runs on three AA batteries."

All it takes to get 1.21 jigowatts of power is three little AA batteries? That's one Hell of a capacitor! Who knew time travel could be so energy efficient?

You can pick up one of these babies for $220 from Things From Another World.

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