Superhero Overkill: How Hollywood Has Run the Genre Into the Ground's Sacha Howells posted a great article about what we've been bitching about for a while now here at the Morgue: Hollywood's over-commercialization of the comic book genre:

The current blueprint is to throw a massive cast on screen and see who catches on with the kids, then churn out sequels and spin-offs until the stars move on or the money dries up. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, due in 2009, is a case in point; apparently Halle Berry won't be doing a Storm movie any time soon, but XO: Magneto is already in the works. Box office permitting, of course, can X-Men Origins: The Toad be far behind? Daredevil begat Elektra, and if either of them were any good -- or, rather, made as much money as they were supposed to -- we'd be YouTubing trailers for Daredevil 2 (Elektra Boogaloo? Sorry.).

Sadly, there is currently no end in sight for this latest gimmick to part geeks from their money. Until the comic book adaptations start to lose money in the box office, we will continue to see every character that made Marvel and DC Comics the icons they are. In other words, we need a few more Catwoman and Daredevil flops before Hollywood starts looking elsewhere for ideas to steal.

The site Geeks of Doom has a list of the current films in production and soon to be released that are part of this over-produced genre.

There's even a "Batman vs Superman" teaser poster hidden in the background of the film "I am Legend"

Enough already!

And yes, I call em comic books because that is exactly what they are: a book filled with comics. If you have the nerve to stand there and call them "graphic novels," then you are a real-world incarnation of the comic book guy from the Simpons. In other words, you are a pretentious bastard that needs to set foot outside a bit more.

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