Pirates and Santas and Colds, Oh My.

Some you have noticed that there was a distinct lack of updates to Media Morgue over the weekend. This was due to three factors:

1. My time was occupied playing Pirates of the Burning Sea in the quiet wee-hours of my mornings.

2. I spent the weekend dressed like Santa, doing a pub-crawl with 200 other Santas and was in no condition to write my name, let along a blog post.

3. I caught a cold and didnt feel like posting.

And now that I look around, I see that the big Pirates review that I was going to write seems unnecessary as there is a beta tester that has been playing the game for over a year that posted his detailed anaylisis of his experience with the game.

My official opinion of the game is that its fantastic. I love the tactics that are involved with the ship to ship combat, and the game seems very balanced. The hand-to-hand combat needs a little work, but its still a lot of fun.

One of the things I really love is the player driven economy that eliminates the need for grinding (in other words, mindlessly performing a task over and over to accumulate the required gold/points/whatever needed to increase your level or financial wealth in the game) Flying Lab Software has really worked long and hard to develop a quality massively multiplayer online role-playing game and in my opinion, they have succeeded admirably.

Lets face it: the game is gorgeous! The ships are just fantastic to watch, with crew members loading and running out the cannons, incomming cannon balls ripping through the hull of the ships (usually mine) and watching the crew take casualties because of this is amazing. There is so much detail and things going on that in the breif time that I have had this game, I have not been bored once. This is a game I could play for years and never get bored with.

Which leads me to wonder what the long-term goal is for the game. Are the beta testers going to get the boot once the game goes public in January? Will we all have to pay for the game? How much will it cost? Is it a one-time cost or a monthly fee? If its monthly, sadly I dont think I can keep up, as my time to play is limited by what time I wake up in the morning and what time I have to go to work.

If I want to get up at 3am, I MIGHT have a couple of hours of completly uninterrupted gameplay, but once my significant other wakes up and the house starts to come alive, my real-world responsibilities kick in and I am forced to walk away from the world of swashbuckling and pirate hunting.

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