"Pineapple Express" Red Band Teaser Clip

If you have not rented "Superbad" yet, you may not have caught the teaser clip of Seth Rogen's new film "Pineapple Express," which is scheduled for release August 2008.

Basically, its a stoner movie. Which means that its mostly about smoking pot, talking about smoking pot, discussing pot culture and...uh probably a lot of sitting on a sofa eating things.

The premise seems simple enough. A stoner (Rogen) and his dealer (played by James Franco) are forced to go on the run from the police after the pothead witnesses a cop commit a murder.

And we are sure that tetrahydrocannabinol-induced hilarity will ensue.

Here is the clip. Keep in mind that this is probably not safe for work, or your parents, or anyone that might actually be offended at a couple of guys smoking pot:

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