New Knight Rider Teaser Spot

NBC is now airing (or soon will be airing) this teaser spot for the new Knight Rider series:

I will admit that I was a fan of the series only for the fact that KITT was a damn cool car. I could care less about "the Hoff" and the stupid storylines. For me it was having a talking car that can jump through the air and looked like something from Battlestar Galactica was pretty neat to a kid at the time. OK, having a mechanic that looked as hot as Patricia McPherson, didnt hurt, either.

Now NBC has "modernized" the series for the next generation of geeks. Instead of "Hello Michael" being uttered by the voice of William Daniels its "Hello Mike" being uttered by Will Arnett (Job from "Arrested Development") and instead of a Pontiac Trans Am, its a modern Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang.

But my guess is that the show is still going to suck as bad as the original series did.

After all, this is NBC we are talking about. Look at how well they did bringing back the Bionic Woman?

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