Mummy 3 Wraps Principal Photog In China

Direct from Director Rob Cohen's blog:

"It was with some considerable emotion I announced “shogung!” in Chinese and the
set went up with applause and tears. People hugged, flash cameras flashed like
strobes and the cast and crew shared the same sweet sense of achievement in many
languages. Chinese grips and French Canadian grips, big, strong tough men,
slapped each other’s backs and whisked away a few budding drops from their eyes
with calloused fingers. The most common words in the air were “I learned so much
from you.” “I will miss you.” "

I still think that they are going to have to pull out all the stops to make this film even remotely as successful as the first Mummy film. The fact that they had to re-cast one of the major characters is going to be interesting and will be something most critics will clamp onto in their reviews. Any time a studio is forced to cast someone else for an already-established character, it destroys that whole suspension of disbelief thing that screenwriters love so much.

So Cohen now moves his baby to the editing suite where he will work to assemble the film and get it ready for next year. Cohen was lucky and very successful in the production portion of this project. Only time will tell if he can be as successful in the box office.

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