Lakota Indians Not Seceding, Just a crazy Publicy Whore with a Grudge.

Remember that article I posted Friday about how the Lakota Indians were seceding from the US?

Yeah, turns out its bullshit.

Website "Daily Kos" has an article that points out that the guy that sent out the press release doesn't officially speak for anyone in the Lakota nation:

These stories cite Russell Means as the source of the declaration, but follow AFP's lead in calling him a tribal "leader" and implying he represents the Lakota Sioux, without giving the actual context. To be sure, Russell Means is an activist "leader" with a great claim to fame & notoriety: he led the American Indian Movement's occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973.

However, the Sioux tribes have elected leaders too, not just notoriously famous activists. Wounded Knee, on the Pine Ridge Reservation, is part of the Oglala Sioux tribe, and Russell Means has in fact repeatedly run for president of the Oglala - but has never actually been elected. Although I'm not sure what mechanism there is for the entire Lakota Sioux to make a decision like this, or who gets to represent them and speak on their behalf, I'm quite sure that a press release by someone who keeps losing elections for the presidency of his own tribe (one of several that make up the Lakota Sioux) isn't it.
So its all just a ploy to get some publicity for an activist group that Russell Means represents, and has absolutely nothing to do with the actual Lakota tribe. Now I understand why the story wasn't picked up by many of the major news outlets and was instead pushed through lots of blogs and social bookmarking sites.

Kudos to Cos for pointing out all the things wrong about the story.

Media Morgue offers a full retraction on the article posted Friday and blames it on a bad batch of fire water we were consuming at the time.

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