“Juno” Does Know Humor and Heart can Mix

Genres: Comedy, Drama and Teen
Running Time:
1 hr. 31 min.
Release Date:
December 5th, 2007 (limited)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for mature thematic material, sexual content and language.
Distributors: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Directed by: Jason Reitman

JJ Rating: A+

Sixteen year old Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) is impregnated by Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). She decides to find a family for her unborn baby instead of abort it. It’s the story of Juno.

The only reason I wanted to see this movie was because of Michael Cera. He’s a funny guy. I’ve seen his web episodes at http://www.clarkandmichael.com/. He’s friend Clark is funny too. So I thought it would be a duh that I’d like this movie because of him. Then there’s the added factor of Ellen Page who happens to play Kitty Pride in X3. I love superheroes. Then there’s Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman as the couple and that couldn’t be a bad thing or rock that would weight this movie down. Oh and let me not forget Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons. They are a sarcastic duo that can’t be denied. It was a win-win for me. Actually I had zero doubt going to see this movie.

From the onset of the film to the last moment before the credits, I loved it. I laughed and I almost cried. This kind of movie is my kind of movie. I love cynical, sarcastic comedies that are dark in a sense of theme. Juno is dealing with a pregnant 16 year old and that’s not a normal comedy thing to do. It’s different. She doesn’t get an abortion. She decides to give the child to a family that would raise it well. She does that on her own before she tells her parents. That scene with her telling her parents is one of the best scenes.

What were the other good scenes? Well I’d have to go through and state they all were good scenes, but I’ll just mention the best. The first scene is pretty darn good, because of Juno’s comment to the dog is laugh out loud ha ha. The scene where Paulie asks whose idea was the sex. That’s just silly funny. When Juno and her father went to meet the couple who was to adopt her baby, that entire scene is hilarious. When Juno goes to the mall and sees the wife there. That’s a good scene. It’s the most touching. Then there’s a scene at the end when Juno gives Paulie a gift. It’s one of those gifts that just makes one go, “Awww.”

I'd like to add that Michael Cera wore shorts because his character was on the track team, and those shorts were worn too high. At one point in the movie you could see up the shorts because of the angle of the shot. Also the track team, in the movie, ran around and it reminded me of a flock of birds. Oh and you're thank you for the warning. I swear he did it on purpose. I don't see how one would accidentally not notice how high they pull those up. They are like mini skirts for guys, and really guys shouldn't have such an equivalent.

Ellen Page delivers her lines with bite and pure innocence. Michael Cera has an elusive naivety that is just sweet. Jennifer Garner has the soft features to maker her heartwarming and sincerely grateful. Jason Bateman does a great job of foreshadowing his character’s actions in the first meeting with the expecting mother.

Juno has heart and comedic timing down to a cinematic science. I, for one, will be buying this movie. This is one of those movies that’s just not for everyone. I can’t not laugh when I saw it, and I don’t particularly understand how someone could not find it funny. But my mother is one of those people that would most likely not like this movie. If you did not like Little Miss Sunshine then this wouldn’t be the movie for you. Juno is a clever movie for it’s hybrid ability to fuse comedy with heart.

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