Here Comes Oscar Season Again

Good lord, is it that time of year already?

December marks the point Hollywood starts its' masturbatory tribute to itself known as "Oscar season." It also marks the point at which all the other award shows and associations start coming out of the woodwork in their efforts to help elevate themselves (and the movies they are blowing sunshine at) to public relations superstardom.

But before the big circle jerk on Hollywood and Highland takes over the minds of entertainment reporters everywhere, the bell weather for most "expert" guesses on who will win the bald gold dude named Oscar is announced: the Golden Globes.

Yes folks, in case you slept through it, the Golden Globe nominations were announced today.

What are the Golden Globes? A silly little award voted on by only 90 people who think they know what the movie watching public likes.

Its the award given by the "Hollywood Foreign Press Association." or - as one friend put it: "random, second-rate and mostly decrepit 'foreign' writers who don't work for even reputable foreign media outlets."

So why does anyone care what these schmucks think? Because the Golden Globes have been seen as a bellweather for the winners of the Academy Awards. According to CNN, seven of the last 10 Academy Award-winning best pictures have also won Globe best film honors. Not that the HFPA knows anything more than you or I sitting at home predicting the Oscars ourselves, but every year for some obscure reason, these awards become a hot commodity.

The full list of nominations for both film and television can be found by going to the link listed above.

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