The Elephant In The Room

With not much better to do than to postulate on the state of Hollywood, one WGA writer sums up a lingering question that most of us have been wondering for some time:

Hey guys, you say, while you’re striking, why not take a look at the elephant in the room? The more insistent problem, the one none of you ever seems willing to look at, the one that just keeps getting worse all the time: Hollywood is a Shit Factory. Sure, every once in a while a good one slips through the cracks. But only once in a while. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. The majority of studio releases are total and utter shit.
I really enjoy this writers article (Imagine that!)

Blogger A.E. Volger explains one of the main reasons why Hollywood movies are so terrible:

Residuals, along with larger up front fees, are what we writers receive to compensate us for the fact that the studios retain legal copyright (i.e., authorship) over our work. What does that mean? It means that once we turn in our scripts, the studios can do whatever they want to them. On an overwhelming preponderance of projects, they bring in a new writer to give our scripts an overhaul, directing this second hired-gun to focus on specific elements. Beef up the action, or spruce up the dialogue, or how about instead of the lead character going on the pilgrimage to save a village of African refugees, he does it because – just spit balling here – because the super hot girl he never got in high school is about to marry some other guy? And say, while you’re digging around in there, could we end with a gun fight at a strip club? I know it sounds silly, but it would really help us at the box office. And so on.

Read the rest of his story here.

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