Dell Panders to Extreme Geeks

There are geeks, and then there are Geeks with a capital G.

For those people with more money than brains, Dell offers this World of Warcraft themed laptop.

Essentially its a Dell XPS M1730: 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a pair of DX10 GeForce 8700M GT graphics chips and an Ageia mobile PhysX processor.

So what's the difference between the standard model laptop and the WoW themed one? About $1,450.00.

Why is the Wow version so much more expensive? Because Dell slaps a nifty sticker (they call it a skin) onto it that allows you to proudly proclaim to the world that while you may own a laptop that allows you to be mobile, you probably don't get out of the house too often.

So if you care more about your level 20 rogue with his +6 vorpal sword (or whatever) than you do things like hygiene and social skills in the real world, this may be the ideal laptop for you.

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