Dark Knight Trailer posted (sort of)

Ol fat ass over at Aint It Cool News is posting a bootleged video of the Dark Knight trailer. Personally I am not a fan of bootleged clips and this one defines my reasons why: the guy who snuck in the video camera had it tilted slightly so everything is shifted to the bottom half of the screen, the sound comes from a cheap on-camera microphone attached to the camera and is picking up all the ambient noise in the theater, including the cameraman's noisy comments and the colors are all washed out.

But hey, you get to see the trailer that will soon enough be seen by everyone that goes to the movies.

So if you cant possibly wait to see all the nifty makeup and stuff head over to Harry's blog and see it for yourself.

I wont even bother to include the link. You all probably know how to get there anyway.

The guy is leaking footage that the studios pay dearly to keep secret. How can they then turn around and kiss this guys humongous ass?

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