A Daniel Craig Full Monty for Bond 22?

Even though we may not be seeing much more of Daniel Craig as James Bond, we might end up seeing a lot more of Daniel Craig in the movie.

Craig told the UK tabloid The Sun that he may go nude for the next Bond film:

“I’d go totally nude. I’ve got nothing to hide, and after all, we ask the girls to reveal almost all, so why not the men?”

Because most audiences are accepting of seeing a woman naked. Seeing a man on the big screen is just not that amusing. For most guys its just uncomfortable.

All I have to say is Harvey Keitel in "The Piano"

Enough said.


Merebear said...

Harvey Keitel is a horrible example! Why must us women be fine with naked women all over the silver screen but you men can't sit through on butt shot? Ryan Reynolds in Amityville Horror, aweseome!

The Judge said...

Maybe its been a while since you've seen The Piano, but that was WAY more of Harvey than a butt shot.

Merebear said...

No no, I remember the movie very well. It's full front view, but how many of those are there? What I was saying is that it's mostly just butt shots of guys and after Harvey, you should be happy to see them!

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