Weekend Boxoffice Recap

Beowulf grabbed the number one spot for the box office race this weekend and cleared $28 million. However the studio estimates were $30 mil, so apparently they are calling this a disappointment.

The numbers for the weekend were less than what they were this time last year, which has some people thinking that 2007 is not going to have enough to surpass 2006 for the best year in film. Not that I care, really. I just thought it was interesting.

Meanwhile, Jerry Sinefeld's little animated flick came in second with almost half of what Beowulf cleared, down a whopping 44% from the previous weekend.

American Gangster dropped 45% this weekend, but cleared $100 million in total gross to date, so expect Universal to have the trades full of full page, full color ads touting how incredibly wonderfuly profitable they are.

Here are the numbers for the weekend:

1. Beowulf - $28,100,000
2. Bee Movie - $14,300,000
3. American Gangster - $13,218,000
4. Fred Claus - $12,000,000
5. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - $10,025,000
6. Dan in Real Life - $4,511,000
7. No Country for Old Men - $3,098,000
8. Lions for Lambs - $2,904,000
9. Saw IV - $2,330,000
10. Love in the Time of Cholera - $1,875,000

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