Weekend Boxoffice Recap

"Fred Claus" was expected to win the weekend, but apparently people would rather see Jerry Sinefeld as a CGI Bee than see Paul Giamatti as Santa or Vince Vaughn as...himself.

Meanwhile, "American Gangster" fell a remarkable 44% from its opening weekend. I had originally predicted that this film would be on a lot of people's watch lists around Oscar time, but by the looks of the numbers, it appears I may be off on that estimation.

Here are the rest of the top 10 from this weekend.

1(2) Bee Movie $26,000,000
2(1) American Gangster $24,319,050
3(new) Fred Claus $19,225,000
4(new) Lions for Lambs $6,710,000
5(4) Dan in Real Life $5,872,000
6(3) Saw IV $5,010,000
7(5) The Game Plan $2,410,000
8(new) P2 $2,200,000
9(6) 30 Days of Night $2,100,000
10(7) The Martian Child $1,750,000

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