Weekend Boxoffice Recap

Looks like a lot of people went to the movies this weekend. And a lot of those people saw Denzel and Russel duke it out in the war on drugs. "American Gangster" hit the box office like gangbusters to clear $46 million.

Jerry Sinefeld's Bee Movie came in at second place to gross $39 mil.

And I guess people are tired of seeing scary movies after Halloween ends, as Saw IV dropped a whopping 65% from its opening weekend to clear a little over $11 mil.

Here's the rest of the info from this weekend:

1 (new) American Gangster $46,344,450
2 (new) Bee Movie $39,100,000
3 (1) Saw IV $11,010,000
4 (2) Dan in Real Life $8,125,000
5 (3) 30 Days of Night $4,000,000
6 (4) The Game Plan $3,853,000
7 (new) The Martian Child $3,650,000
8 (6) Michael Clayton $2,900,000
9 (5) Why Did I Get Married? $2,730,000
10 (7) Gone, Baby, Gone $2,400,000

Opening next week we have Paul Giamatti's slide into cinematic second-fiddle obscurity with the first Christmas movie of the season: "Fred Claus," Tom Cruise , Robert Redford, and a bunch of other stars in "Lions for Lambs" Michelle Pfeiffer's "I Could Never Be Your Woman", the parking lot thriller "P2," the expansion into wide release for "Darfur Now" and the limited release of the Cohen brother's film "No Country for Old Men," so expect the box office to have a few changes to the numbers for next weekend.

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