Weekend Box Office Recap

I dont know about you, but Im thankful that Thanksgiving is over.

Although I'm a big fan of post turkey day leftover sammiches. For me its gotta be whole wheat toast, a thick slice of turkey breast, and a slice of canned cranberry sauce (if it doenst look like the can it came in, I'm not interested).

This weekend while people took a break from engorging on mass quantities of dead birds, they went to see movies about fairy tales that turn true. Buena Vista's "Enchanted" made fun of its genre and became the number one fan at the box office with $35 million in ticket sales.

Meanwhile fairy tales from an epic poem didn't fare as well as they did last week. "Beowulf" dropped 40% from its previous week's numbers to clear $16.2 mil.

Sony's "This Christmas" came in second place at $18.6 mil.

Here's the top ten:

1 (new) Enchanted $35,332,000
2 (new) This Christmas $18,600,000
3 (1) Beowulf $16,240,000
4 (new) Hitman $13,035,000
5 (2) Bee Movie $12,010,000
6 (4) Fred Claus $10,735,000
7 (new) August Rush $9,430,000
8 (3) American Gangster $9,207,000
9 (new) The Mist $9,062,000
10 (7) No Country for Old Men $8,112,000

Don't expect too much entertaining films to come out next week. The Winesteins horror film about being operated on while "Awake" opens Friday, as does "The Sasquatch Gang" (previously called "The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang") in the hopes of resurrecting the acting career of Carl "Appolo Creed" Weathers.

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