Two More Wrestlers Get Suspended

Don't you hate it when death interferes with your profits?

According to the Edmonton Journal, administrative costs for World Wrestling Entertainment increased to $28.9 million due to legal fees and drug testing involved with the Chris Benoit murder/suicide. Profits fell 8.35 and the WWE cleared $8.45 million after all is said and done this quarter.

10 wrestlers were suspended in August due to failing their drug tests and now, according to TMZ it looks like the WWE has added two more to the list.

DH Smith and Chris Masters were both suspended by the WWE on Friday:

Masters received a 60-day suspension because it was his second violation, while Smith received only 30 days for his first violation. Smith is the nephew of wrestling legend Bret "Hitman" Hart. The WWE wouldn't say what they tested positive for.

In a bold new move by the WWE, they are now going to release the names of the wrestlers suspended instead of trying to keep it a secret. "...We hope by making the names of our performers public it that will be a further deterrent to the other performers." said WWE spokesman Gary Davis.

Bravo to the WWE for being serious about this.

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