Sirius Buys XM Satellite

Variety is reporting that Sirius satellite shareholders have approved the go-ahead to purchase XM Satellite radio.

Originally, the FCC said that this wouldn't be allowed, but the two sat radio broadcasters say that they are facing serious competition from other forms of entertainment like HD radio and the fact that everyone is listening to their mobile MP3 players.

Personally, if I were commuting all the time, I would definitely think about getting satellite radio, but for the most part, its just a novelty to me and not much more. I play XM all the time on my home stereo (Directv, hooked into my stereo system) just because I'm a fan of XM chill. But if I had to pay for it seperately, I figure I could survive without it OK.

Sirius hopes to have this merge completed by the end of the year.

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