Rodman Sued Again

Dennis Rodman. Remember that fool? He's no stranger to getting into trouble when it comes to booze and Vegas. Here's the latest:

OK, so Last year Rodman goes to Vegas to throw money around and try to live out his fantasy as a big name celebrity, even though no one under the age of 30 gives a rats ass about him. Apparently he gets pissed off when the female "Beverage Manager" (in other words, bartender) he was bird-dogging didn't pay any attention to him. Now, just so you know, its a safe bet that a smoking-hot bartender at a hip, trendy club in Vegas has probably seen her fair share of idiot drunken "playas" making lecherous fools of themselves before. (I dont know for certain that she is a hot bartender, but if she was working at a trendy bar in the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, its also a safe bet that she's a hottie)

So when Rodman's magic charms had no effect on her, The worm starts getting bitchy. He tries to climb on the bar and when the bartender came around to deal with him, he grabbed her, ground his hips into her and smacked her on the ass.

And apparently it happened again about a month later.

OK, so the bartender fills out a report about the incident as she is required to do.

And what happens next? She gets fired.

Needless to say, she's suing every one. Needless to say that we probably wont hear much about the outcome of this, only the initial shock. Once its settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, it will be a page six story. Its pretty much a page six story right now, but I thought it was amusing that Rodman still thinks he's gods gift to woman.

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