A Reader's Solution to His World Voice Problems

From time to time we discuss the nonsense that is "World Voice News" I have talked at length about these idiots before, and how they are nothing but a scam operation.

Sadly, people still get suckered into thinking they are going to make money with them.

One recent commenter to one of our articles on World Voice came discussed his own horror story, but offers an entertaining solution to the problem:

OK, so I fell for this stupid World Voice News scam! They just happened to get me when I was coming home from the bar, lucky A-holes! I mean why would any legit company care who your cell phone provider is or if you are interested in earning a higher degree. Also may I say that the writing on this page is terrible! It is like a 3rd grade student newspaper. Since this time I have received between 3 to 10 pieces of junk mail a day ever since. I can not tell you the amount of times that I have won the lottery in England or had some poor old rich lady dying of cancer want to give me 5 million dollars. So this is what I have started doing.

Once I receive one of these BS offers I immediately go the World Voice News careers site and enter either the senders email address or the one that I am supposed to give my life story to. If they are dumb enough to actually provide a phone number, even better! Then they also need some info on achieving a high education or starting their own business.

This World Voice News scam is not the only one I use though. I have a plethora of BS job offer I can send there info to, depending on how pissed of I am that day. One even tries to appeal to my sensitive side, saving animals and stuff, bastards!
I am not sure how much of a dilemma that I am causing these people? It is just nice to think that I am turning them against each other. I guess you could call me evil but it does not even compare to these people playing on peoples weak side like this, just so that they may earn some little profit!

Just a thought though.

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Ayman Buster said...

Everybody who believes he or she has been defrauded needs to start reporting these butt-clowns to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (the FBI and white collar crime center complaint site).

Go here: http://www.ic3.gov/complaint/ and do it now

Scumbags Defrawy, Finch, and Bell will never see justice if moer people don't complain about them.

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