The New York Jedis

A long time ago, I had this crazy idea for developing a martial art based around the light saber combat that was featured in the Star Wars films. I had always been a fan of swordfighting and took some basic fencing and stage-combat classes, so I felt comfortable developing this idea further.

For the Star Wars films, stunt choreographer Nick Gillard developed a style of martial arts skills, combined with a type of notation that could be used to train the actors in the proper use of a lightsaber for their parts. After all, if you are supposed to be a bad-ass saber-wielding Jedi, you better know how to actually move and fight that way.

So I had this crazy idea of taking Gillard's techniques (whatever I could find from the net and the movies) and combine that with what little I knew about Japanese Kendo and Iado martial arts, then started fishing the idea of a fan club that could train in this style of swordplay out onto the net.

I didnt get very far with the concept. Once I was literally laughed at in a professional fencing forum for discussing it, I pretty-much gave up on the idea thinking that it wouldn't be that popular and I would be the only geek with an oversized glowstick hitting a tree in the middle of nowhere.

But lo and behold now there is an entire group of people that do exactly what I was dreaming of doing. They meet, practice, spar, battle and generally get to be utterly nerdy and yet utterly cool at the same time.

The October issue of Wired magazine seemed to put them on the map. Now The New York Jedis popularity is exploding. Their website is full of pictures of the members, their weapons (which are far more advanced than anything I was thinking) and they even include videos and lessons in training.

Check them out.

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