“Lions for Lambs” Slaughtered My Time

Genres: Drama, Politics/Religion and War
Running Time: 1 hr. 32 min.
Release Date:
November 9th, 2007 (limited)
MPAA Rating:
R for some war violence and language.
MGM Distribution Company

Directed by: Robert Redford

JJ Rating: C-

I am sorry that this review is late but this weekend was crap for movies and I needed to do other things to make up for the crappy weekend for movies. I spent all day Sunday watching movies I owned that I knew were good to make myself feel better. ha.

There are three different settings with three different conversations about the same situation from different perspectives. Lions for Lambs.

Let me start with the good because that is polite. Right? Whatever. This weekend sucked for movies. I was to either see a movie about fat, jolly boy or a movie that shoves a political gun at my temple. Well the choice was made for me because my friend likes Robert Redford. So I sat there for the hour and half and almost died…not only of boredom but brain decay.

I’ll divulge more on that later because I’m supposed to be talking about the good things. Robert Redford, Meryle Streep and Tom Cruise were great. Their acting was top notch. Especially Streep because she has these small little things she does that just adds depth to her characters just like in this movie. There were two good things that this movie pointed out. One was pay attention to the tickers when you watch news channels because they have the important news there and that young people are too apathetic. Also the title Lions for Lambs was a good title. It was interesting where it’s derived from.

That’s it. Now to the horrible, bad, bad things that really made me want to pull my hair out. Redford, Streep and Cruise were awesome but they were not in an awesome story. They were in a story that was so politically charged with the “oh this war is wrong” generic thinking that it killed me inside. People do NOT like to be forced to think one way and this movie, as another review points out, felt like a lecture. I already thought that before seeing that review but since I read a snippet I had to mention that I did read it. I’m too honest for my own good.

When dealing with topics that are in the here and now you have to be sensitive. Shoving propaganda down people’s throats without them wanting it to be shoved really does harm. If you have an agenda (as this movie blatantly preaches for a hour and a half) you have to be smart enough to spin the story so that it’s similarities to reality are hard to pen point. You have to do it so good that you end up having a book by the name Animal Farm. If you don’t know that book please read it and notice that when politicians (like Hilary Clinton when she states the average American wouldn’t understand about why giving illegals driver’s licenses is a good idea) state they know what is going on and explaining it to the average folk would be pointless because they just wouldn’t get it—that they are just like the pigs in the book.

That’s how you point out a political point. You use an allegory. You don’t split a story up into three different sections with boring speeches and expect people to be pleased with what they are watching. When you irritate someone they just shut their ears off and they don’t listen. If Redford’s point was to get young people to stop being apathetic well he failed at providing a movie that could do it without killing brain cells in the process due to extreme and utterly gnawing boredom.

I don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever want to see this movie again. Fortunately it is not the worst movie I’ve seen this year. But it is one of the worst. It’s that lucky. Lions for Lambs slaughtered my time and I will not forgive it for that. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

was really hoping this would be a good movie. Too bad.

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