Hollywood's Secret Anti-Strike Tactic

Fear not, America. Just because most of the creative talent in Hollywood is now walking up and down sidewalks in front of studios all around Tinseltown, doesn't mean that the entertainment industry has come to a screeching halt.

Instead, we all will get to see the second string take the field in place of the stuff we we have been watching.

As Variety reports, fearing the worst, Hollywood employed its secret weapon in the war against having to pay residuals for starving writers: They've greenlit a whole boat-load of pilots:
ABC is sticking to what works best, developing several relationship dramas about people at a crossroads, including the Marta Kauffman-penned “Leap” (about people dealing with life changes) and Matt Reeves’ “Ordinary Joe” (which looks at three versions of a man’s life, depending on his choices).
Also expect some half-baked ideas, including some comedies for Jenna Elfman, Cedric the Entertainer and an "X-files meets an Inconvenient Truth" drama from Jerry Bruckheimer.

In short, expect the pilots to produce sub-par entertainment, which should work just fine with most of the sub-par entertainment that Hollywood has been putting out anyway.

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