“Hitman” On Target?

Genres: Action/Adventure, Crime/Gangster and Adaptation
Running Time:
1 hr. 40 min.
Release Date: November 21st, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
R for strong bloody violence, language, and some sexuality/nudity.
Distributors: 20th Century Fox Distribution

Directed by: Xavier Gens

JJ Rating: B+

Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) is a Hitman who gets his jobs from a laptop that he checks in with daily. One questionable job is set up and completed with an odd ending. He is alerted that something is off by a Russian woman who he finds oddly attractive. Hitman.

I’ve never played the video game before. I have seen the video game and I believe Olyphant has not only an interesting last name but he was a dead on Agent 47. He has that crazy look of he would shoot without question. Some people have a look of maybe I won’t maybe I will. But Olyphant has that crazed look that makes one question if he will or not and that’s perfect for someone who is an assassin.

I found Hitman to be entertaining with the story and the action. There were funny moments that have to deal with Agent 47 having great skills with figuring out what is going on and killing this person or that, but he could not figure out how to deal with a woman in a sexual nature. It’s amusing. It’s a great running joke. It presented funny moments and created one of my favorite scenes with Olga Kurylenko eating a sandwich for lunch that Agent 47 got for her.

With the sexual tension there was a scene where Kurylenko walks around nude. I’m sure that might be a big plus to some but to me that’s just a bog down thing for a movie. I don’t find nudity as a need in most story lines. I mean sometimes a story can work it in there. This one is no exception. Because of the joke of Agent 47 not having good female relationships, her being nude around him was funny. But I think the nudity lasted longer than it was needed and ruined the over all funny moment.

Let’s talk about the fights. Were they good? I believe they were entertaining. They were not really anything spectacular as one would expect but Agent 47 is a smart person so he uses things to his advantage so that makes the movie interesting. There is the train fight scene and it was decent good. Again nothing spectacular that one would be wowed about.

Hitman is an entertaining and clever movie. It is one I would want to own if it were not for the unnecessary nudity. I just think it would have worked out fine if they hinted at it. I, again, don’t need to see nude people. It doesn’t make me like a movie more if they do show me a nude female. I like movies for their storyline and Hitman has a good one. And of course it is set up to have a sequel. Agent 47 and his bald barcode head will return to shoot up the big screen yet again. Should you see it? Good question….I think it’s a toss up for most if they’ll like it or not. Good luck on figuring that one out. See Hitman or not see Hitman? That’s as decent a question as the movie was and if you have to ask, maybe you should just skip it.

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