Ford Unveils 2008 "Bullit" Special Edition Mustang

If you are a car enthusiast and you haven't watched the Steve McQueen film "Bullit," you are seriously missing something.

The most dramatic part of the film was a car chase between McQueen in a dark "Highland Green"1968 Ford Mustang G.T.390 Fastback, chasing two hit-men in a "Tuxedo Black" 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440 Magnum. It was a huge marketing tactic by Ford to show off their new ride for 68 and it worked perfectly. The scene has been voted to be the best car chase in cinematic history.

Here's the famous scene. If you are a musclecar fan, you owe it to yourself to watch this. Keep in mind that the sounds of the engines were all recorded live:

Pretty impressive right? Imagine what it was like watching this in the theater in 1968 (I wouldn't know, but I can imagine it was freaking awsome.)

On the strength of this, and to tie in with the 40th aniversary of the film, Ford motor company has decided to cash in on the nostalgia craze to unveil their new 2008 "Bullit" special edition model.

The blog Jalopnik covers the unveiling with tons of pics of the new ride. Some of its features include a 4.6 liter V-8 (no 5.0? WTF?) that cranks out 315 horses (oh.), a beefier, sport-tuned chassis and suspension that improves on its existing balance and an exhaust system that (allegedly) creates the classic McQueen sound.

The MSRP is only $31,000, but with only about 7,000 of these models being built, you can bet that the markup is going to be huge.

This isnt the first time Ford has done a tribute to "Bullit." They previously released a 2001 GT "Bullit Mustang," but since this is the 40th aniversary, its no surprise Ford would want to cash in on the hype once again.

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