“Enchanted” is Moviegoer's True Love's Bliss

Genres: Comedy, Kids/Family, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Animation
Running Time:
1 hr. 48 min.
Release Date:
November 21st, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG for some scary images and mild innuendo.
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Kevin Lima

JJ Rating: A-

Giselle (Amy Adams) falls for Prince Edward (James Marsden) in more ways than one. But when she was to marry him Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) shoves her down a well and she appears in the ‘real’ world. She is confused and lost as to where she is when she runs into Robert (Patrick Dempsey). Robert decides to help her but thinks she’s insane because she continues to speak of this fairy tale land. Things become more interesting when Prince Edward comes along. But Giselle starts to be affected by her surroundings just as much as everyone is affected by her. Enchanted.

This just seemed like one of those backburner movies that Disney decided to release just because. It didn’t seem much like anything, really. So my expectations were small. I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it was and how much I laughed. Enchanted is a movie that allows Disney to poke fun at itself and they do so effortlessly and with their trademark Disney charm.

Giselle can speak to animals and in doing so this creates one of the funniest scenes in the entire movie. She stays the night at Robert’s home and when she awakes she is distraught by how untidy it is. So she calls upon friends to help. Well the help she gets is unexpected by her and by people viewing, but she uses them anyway and it’s amusing to say the very least. Singing was done and it was made fun of but it was used in the most interesting way. It was used like how Cinderella’s shoe was used. Giselle does get to sing and Robert tries to subdue her but to no avail. It’s one of the best scenes and the most awing. I read in another review that they believed Disney is back after viewing this movie. I would have to agree. No one can do children’s movies that can infiltrate adult hearts like Disney. No one.

Amy Adams has this bewildered facial expression that she holds through most of the movie and it made the character. She was cartoony as her character needed to be when she made the jump from cartoon to reality. With time it wore off and so her acting displayed that. This can be attributed to her as much as it very well should be attributed to the director Kevin Lima. He did a fantastic job with everyone.

James Marsden is the actor that seemingly never gets the girl in any of his movies. He didn’t get the girl in The Notebook and he had to fight to keep the girl in The X-Men Trilogy and in Superman. He seems to have difficulty being the one that gets the girl. But that doesn’t mean he’s second string. Marsden is one of the best actors out there who has shown an array of talent that only is added to by him playing the Prince. This Prince is every bit as cartoony as his counterpart and continues to be so through his entire time in reality. Marsden is constantly great, giving his all in whatever character he decides to take on.

Susan Sarandon is the Queen and she’s under lots of make up. She must have had fun in this role because she just looked like she was having fun being evil. She was a great evil. Timothy Spall plays Nathaniel they steward to the Prince and secret helper to the Queen. He has the good facial expressions that are amusing and he deals with the chipmunk the most, so there’s a lot of acting with nothing (to him) actually there. So points for him on doing a great job making that look real. Patrick Dempsey played the straight laced no fairy tale lawyer/father. He played it well and his shining moment was the ball room scene when he danced with Adams. The silence was touching and telling.

Enchanted was a perky, happy-go-lucky kind of movie that the theater really needed. This dreadful batch of woe is me kind of movies is a real killer on the soul. And if you seen the reviews for August Rush you are seeing how well such happy-go-lucky movies are viewed. They have to shun the good and praise the bad because ooh the bad is so clever. *gag*

Enchanted, oddly, is a movie I think I’ll buy. I didn’t think I would but I guess I will. That clean up scene just killed me. I am seeing it in my head right now and it was just funny. The songs they do sing are catchy and reminiscent of Disney past. It just struck a cord with me. Oh and Carrie Underwood (<3) style=""> Well of course the throw back to Disney’s past was neato too. You’ll see.

If you like upbuilding, charming movies that give children more hope and less cynical thoughts, then this movie is for you and if you have children them too. If you are a Grinch with a shrinking heart (and you know who you are) skip it. I just can’t get that phrase out of my head so I’ll have to use it myself….Disney is BACK…it’s a good thing too sense they are the only ones that can really pull of charming and good cheer without seeming lame. Other studios just can’t seem to hack into that Disney magic. I do feel Enchanted with moviegoer's true love's bliss.

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