"Celebrity Apprentice" Stars Announced

Apparently the new Celebrity Apprentice will be a show comprised of either people you love to hate or people you've never heard of before.

Yahoo has the details, but here is a sampling of the celebs slated to be told by Donal Trump that they are fired:

Omarosa - the crazy chick from the first season of The Apprentice. You may recall that a marble sized piece of plaster hit her on the head and she spent the rest of the episode complaining about concussions and fainting spells. She says she came back to the show for retribution. I think the truth is she's just trying to renew her fifteen minutes.

Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore from the Sopranos. Since he's not doing much lately, it will be fun to see if people are intimidated by him in real life.

Steven Baldwin - I have no beefs with Steven and is my early prediction at winning it all.

Marilu Henner - who was pretty hot (and usually braless) when "Taxi" was still on the air. Sadly, she really hasnt done much of anything noteworthy since then besides get old.

Nely Galan - entertainment president of Telemundo. If I watched Telemundo, I might care a litttle about her. I dont, so I wont.

And Gene Simmons - Yes. Gene freakin Simmons. The long-tongued, KISS bass playerfrom the 70's who's turned into an aging, incredibly arrogant S.O.B. has-been with a god complex.

This might actually be a fun show to watch.

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