Big Boom in Mummy Chinatown

In his Mummy blog, Rob Cohen details one of the perks to being a director with a lot of fireworks in China:
Last night our Action Unit, directed by Vic Armstrong, blew up a trolley on a main street in the Shanghai Bund section as part of our massive chase sequence. In this scene, Rick, Evy and Jonathan have hijacked a fireworks truck (it’s Chinese New year, 1946) and are chasing the Emperor Mummy and Anthony Wong through the streets. They take out the mother of all rockets and aim it right at the fleeing chariot. Jonathan lights the fuse with his Dunhill and it rips down the boulevard. The Mummy deflects the rocket straight into the trolley. Vic and I had set eight cameras and the damn trolley blew ten feet straight up off the ground with a fireworks display that could be seen from outer space! Special On-set Effects Supervisor Bruce Steinheimer designed the event with an extensive team of American and Chinese fireworks experts. The concussion was so intense it broke every window on main street and the rockets' red glare set the third story of the set on fire. It was glorious!

read more from his blog here.

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