“The Bee Movie” is Exactly That

Genres: Comedy and Animation
Running Time:
1 hr. 40 min.
Release Date:
November 2nd, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG for mild suggestive humor.
Paramount Pictures

Directed by: Stephen Hickner, Simon J. Smith

JJ Rating: B

A bee doesn’t want to work with honey he wants to see what is beyond the hive. So he does and then he sees that humans are taking something that just isn’t theirs to take. It doesn’t make him happy. The Bee Movie.

There were a lot of famous persons in this movie and none of them did an outstanding job so I’m not going to sit here and comment on any of their voice talent. There were also a lot of cameos in this film by other persons that played themselves and I won’t really comment on that either cause it wasn’t that amazing.

The Bee Movie story was alright. It wasn’t astounding and it wasn’t amazing and it lacked a lot of heart. It just featured bees and how they made honey. The way they presented the honey making was creative and interesting.

The animation was alright. I mean Ratatouille created this entire program so that animated food looked more life like and less like blah. The food in The Bee Movie looked blah. The heart was blah as stated before and this just makes me believe that Disney still has a nice lock on the animation biz because this one surely did not steal that from underneath their tight Mouse Grip.

Was it funny? At least tell you that it was funny? Well yeah it was funny. There were some really cute and funny moments but that’s not going to make the entire movie good just because of a few moments. It was alright. They do an excellent job introducing a few classic songs into the mix at the right moment. They make for cute moments but still not enough to make the movie awesome.

Dreamworks can make movies but they fall behind in animation. Their animation lacks heart and understanding and feeling. Their animated movies are full of one liners that are great but they don’t progress the story as they should. Just because you have page after page of funny one liners doesn’t mean a movie should be created. The characters had no connection…there were no good relationships they just seem to be talking to one another.

The Bee Movie is tolerable if you have kids. There are parts that are funny haha to adults. It is also MUCH better to take them to this movie than taking them, because you can’t find a babysitter, to American Gangster. OK? I don’t want to own this movie nor do I think I’d really want to see it again. The Bee Movie was just that and there in lies the problem.

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