Because Hollywood and Highland Aren't Busy Enough

Variety reports that the Cirque du Soleil has signed a 10 year contract with CIM Group, which owns the Hollywood & Highland Centerto to stage an almost year-round show at the Kodak Theater starting in 2010.

And of course, the show will be about Hollywood:
At a Monday press conference at the Kodak, Cirque founder Guy Laliberte said the
as-yet-untitled show will focus on Hollywood's place within film history.
"Movies have certainly had a positive influence on Cirque du Soleil," he

So basically they will be doing an artsy-fartsy, French acrobatty tribute to Hollywood, all designed to lure tourists into parting with even more of their hard-earned money visiting the crappiest place on Earth.

And traffic will suck even harder than it does now.

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