“August Rush” Music for the Soul

Genres: Comedy, Drama and Musical/Performing Arts
Running Time:
1 hr. 53 min.
Release Date:
November 21st, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG for some thematic elements, mild violence and language.
Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Kirsten Sheridan

JJ Rating: A+

Eleven years ago Lyla (Keri Russell) and Louis (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) did the sexual deed and created a child that grew up in an orphanage. Complications with both their lives set into action separation from each other and from their son. But what always kept them together was music and “August” (Freddie Highmore) had this love for it even though he could not play as well as his mother played the cello and his father played the guitar. It was a bond that was invisible but bound them all together, no matter how far apart they ended up. August Rush.

This was one of the movies that I listed in that Holiday Review that I wanted to see. I saw the trailer and was just drawn in by its ability to move me each time. It moved me because of the way they decided to show the story and the use of music and outsiderness. I was not disappointed and was very much shocked and ecstatic that it was as good as I expected it to be.

Just to clarify: if you go and see August Rush and expect to tear up don’t bother. It’s not that kind of movie. It is a moving movie but not so much so that tears will build up in your eye and when you blink fall. Nope. What will happen is you’ll be filled with hope and a smile will cascade across your face.

Freddie Highmore did an excellent job. Every movie I have seen him in he has done such a great job. He is someone that is starting to be a shoe-in with his acting. Not to suggest he can’t fail, just that he tries his hardest and it shows. He was a perfect person for this role. He has that warm and giving smile that made him August Rush. Keri Russell had to have silent moments of concentration with the cello which meant she had to use facial expressions. I think she composed her self brilliantly and perfectly for I loved the movie and if she didn’t do her part I wouldn’t like it so. Jonathan Rhys Meyers would most likely want to be mentioned but more so for his acting than his good looks and I believe he is more than just a face. He had kindness in his eyes and during pivotal moments in the movie, especially with my favorite scene where he shares a guitar moment with another character, his expressions will warm the soul. I really, really love that scene because it ends in silence and smiles and looking back. The best moments in movies are sometimes the ones that lack lines.

Terrence Howard and Robin Williams are supporting cast in this movie and Howard is so pleasant and powerful with the small bit he was given. I am really starting to like him as an actor and respect him. Williams is not at all pleasant as he appears and yet he isn’t as villainous as some. But for him, he is mean and he is mean as good as he acts when he is a magnet of wonderful. How interesting to see him in such a light.

August Rush is a touching story that shows the power of music, love and determination. Many stories today try to be “real” but instead fail to be entertaining or close to pleasant viewing. August Rush is, by no means, fake-ish. It’s just vibrantly hopeful and people tend to shy away from such things because their life is full of zero hope. They want to be surrounded by bleak so that they don’t feel worthless for the things they have or do do in their life. I am by no means someone that has a splendid life that is silver plated. I just really think that hopeful movies with rose colored sights are needed to make people smile and think of more things that are up building than degrading and depressing. August Rush is one of those movies. It is moving with words as it is with the music it introduces. Don’t ever give up on your music and don’t ever give up on life/dreams. Push and strive very hard to be more. How is that not the makings of a good movie?

The time is close to two hours but for once I was not worried about the time. By the ending of the two hours I was wishing there was more. It actually made me want to want more. I haven’t felt like wanting more from very many movies and I’m sure this will stand out as unique for there are not many that are to come that will elicit such a feeling. You want something negative? Well there you go…it was short. It should have lasted longer.

August Rush is a movie that I WANT. I wanted it the moment I saw the trailer and I want it even more now after I viewed it. It is every bit as enthralling and emotionally exciting as I had expected it to be. It filled me with inspiration and hope and joy and I was very pleased. I indeed, as the title states, felt a rush---a rush of moviegoer joy that has not touched my moviegoer soul in a long time. The drought had almost killed me. Good writing is needed for such movies like this….those producers are lame to allow the strike to happen. Movies like this are needed…they are VITAL to the survival of the movie and Hollywood. Oh I so loved it. I love August Rush so much I just might Top Ten It. (“Top Ten It” means to put it in the Top Ten Favorite Movies of all time list. Everyone has such a list…don’t lie. Yes you do.)

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