The X-Wing Files: What Really Happened In San Diego

You may have heard the story of Andy Wormer, who got permission from Lucas Films to build a 1/2 scale model rocket of an X-wing fighter in honor of the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. At 21 feet long, this was no simple model. What is more interesting is that this was a project by a team of friends that go out to "Plaster Blaster" a model rocket gathering in the desert near San Diego. Plaster Blaster has been described by one blogger as a combination of desert rats, beer, and High Powered Rocketry. Sort of like Burning Man, with a lot less naked people and drugs and instead huge freaking rockets.

So this was not just a pretty model of an X-wing. This was a FLYING model of an X-Wing. Or at least that was the plan.

Needless to say the realms of science fiction and science reality don't always meet on the same plane of existence. In reality, things like aerodynamics usually trump things like having an R2 unit on board to help with the flight controls. Thankfully, this was no surprise to the build team and they were fully aware that their pride and joy was not not much more than a really cool assembly of wood and paint with four massive solid-fuel rocket engines mounted to it.

The gang at Gizmodo have an article that details some of the technical aspects of building the model.

If you have already seen the launch and subsequent destruction of this spectacular model rocket, here is a video that might help to shed some light as to what really happened on that fateful afternoon in the desert. (thanks to someone at

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