Weekend Box Office Recap

Another slow weekend the box office.

Vampire film "30 Days of Night" becomes the number one box office draw for the weekend, forcing industry journalists and bloggers everywhere to over-use the phrase "sinking its teeth into Hollywood." It made $16 million.

Meanwhile, all the other films from last weekend shifted down one to make room for vamp flick.

Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" re-release came in at number 8, raking in another $5 mil, which is better than last year's re-release (last October it made $3.2 mil on its opening weekend).

Here's the rest of the top ten from the weekend:

1. 30 Days of Night $16,000,000
2. Why Did I Get Married? $12,100,000
3. The Game Plan $8,122,000
4. Michael Clayton $7,100,000
5. Gone, Baby, Gone $6,000,018
6. The Comebacks $5,850,000
7. We Own the Night $5,500,000
8. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D $5,145,000
9. Rendition $4,175,000
10. The Heartbreak Kid $3,900,000

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