Weekend Box Office Recap

Not a very good weekend for the box office. In fact, its safe to say it was a terrible weekend for the box office.

How terrible? A movie with "The Rock" was number one for the second week in a row. Yeah. THAT terrible.

"The Game Plan" cleared $16 million to take the number one spot, dwarfing "The Heartbreak Kid" along with a handful of other hopeful new releases that couldnt live up to their hype. Ben Stiller's new flick brought in a heartbreaking $14 mil. (it was projected to gross $20 mil).

Media Morgue critic J_Jammer reviews four of the films that came out this week (apparently you should avoid "Feel the Noise" like it was a flesh eating virus) scroll further down for all the details.

Here is the listing of the top 10:

1 The Game Plan - $16,262,000
2 The Heartbreak Kid - $14,031,000
3 The Kingdom - $9,344,670
4 Resident Evil: Extinction - $4,300,000
5 The Seeker: The Dark is Rising - $3,725,000
6 Good Luck Chuck - $3,500,000
7 Feel the Noise - $3,400,000
8 3:10 to Yuma - $3,040,000
9 The Brave One - $2,260,000
10 Mr. Woodcock - $2,025,000

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