Vin Diesel as the Terminator?

Rumors are flying right now that a 4th Terminator movie is in the works. This has been known for a while, but only recently have some names started to be mentioned with the flick.

Here's how the rumor mill breaks down:

Brad at got the rumor from Quint at Aint it Cool news, who got the rumor from Devin at CHUD, who's contact Chuckie says that Director McG may be directing the Terminator movie and it may (or may not) star Vin Diesel as the main character.

I know that's a lot of channels to extract information from, but if all of this happens to not pan out the way every prognosticator is proclaiming, I'm going to send each one an email laughing at their ignorance.

Personally, I think Vin might actually be a good match for the part, since he seems to have a knack for acting like a robot through most of his other films, whether the script called for that style of acting or not.

The rumor is that they want to fast-track this one ASAP to avoid the impending strike, but it will probably be some time next year before we hear anything solid about this.

As always, stay tuned.

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