Universal Kills Barbarella

We mentioned back in August that Robert Rodriguez would be doing a remake of "Barbarella" for Universal.

Now, according to the New York Observer, it looks like Universal has canned the project for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Rodriguez wanted to cast his fiance Rose McGowan as the lead, despite Universal's suggestions that they pick someone else.

I guess Rodriguez figured that since director Roger Vadim cast his then-wife Jane Fonda in the role in the 1968 version, that nepotism would win over better judgement the second time around. “She looks fantastic in the role," Rodriguez says. "She was perfect for this part. She just has that daring look, a sort of classic sexiness that is also kind of futuristic.”

But a source with the NY Observer said that the studio and everyone involved in this decision is rather embarassed by this move. “No one thinks Rose can carry the movie, but Robert won’t listen.”

The film was one of a series of films being fast-tracked to get around the impending writers/directors/and everyone else strike and release it into theaters sometime next year. But all that has apparently evaporated into thin air before pre-preduction could really get going.

The studio apparently even tried to strong-arm Rodriguez on the casting by slashing its budget in half if he kept McGowan as the lead. But Robert apparently didnt budge, so Universal pulled the plug entirely.

Expect Rodriguez to start shopping this script around town in the hopes of getting it made somewhere.

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