Tyler Nelson - Our Hero of the Month

Media Morgue is proud to present our "You'll never work in this town again" award to 24 year old Tyler Nelson of Edmond, Oklahoma. Congrats, Tyler. Other people merely burn their bridges. You nuked yours.

Who the Hell is Tyler Nelson, you may ask? Someone who will probably be showing off his performing skills dancing at the Edmond Chuck-E-Cheese next week, we imagine.

See, Tyler landed the dream job of being an extra in the upcoming Spielberg/Lucas/ Harrison Ford megolith, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and was set to be seen by millions of people. I say "was" because Tyler - cast as a dancing Russian soldier in the fourth film - recently gave an interview to his Oklahoma home town paper the Edmond Sun about his experience working on the film... and in so doing gave away some nuggets of information he was contractually obligated not to discuss.

All of the cast and crew had to sign strict non-disclosure contracts prior to working on the film. "We ask every cast and crew member to sign a confidentiality agreement because we want to protect the movie's thrills and surprises for audiences," said Lucasfilm's Lynn Bartsch. "Consequently, we think it's very important to make sure people hold to those agreements."

Tyler, apparently forgetting about that little "don't tell anyone or we'll sue your ass to kingdom come" clause, ended up singing like a canary, shooting his mouth off about the movie's plot, the locations, the characters, and anything else he may have seen while he enjoyed his brief and soon-to-be-blackballed career in Tinseltown.

What is amusing is that the Lucasfilm legal team quickly went into high gear with the ridiculous notion of trying to stuff the genie back into the bottle and purge any of the disclosed information from the internet. The ENTIRE internet.

Some sites that were originally carrying the spoilers ended up buckling like a belt once Lucas's boys came a'callin.

The Edmund Sun quickly removed the interview, and Google made sure that you couldn't get the info by digging through their saved cache of the Sun's website. The site Cinematical also pulled the story and currently returns a blank page from the search.

Over at Aint it Cool News, which originally soiled itself joyously echoing the leaked information to the throngs of socially-retarded geek fanatics that visit the site, had the information mysteriously disappear from the site shortly after the fallout. Did Lucas' litigious stormtroopers get to ol' "Slobba the hut?" What do you think? Basement blogger Harry Knowles knows which side his bread (in his case his loaf) is buttered.

Of course, Harry's more than happy to tell you that the big-ass wearhouse from the finale in the first film is going to be seen in the new movie. Big deal. I guess that little tidbit of trivia has been approved for public consumption from up on high. Thanks for that.

But come on now: In the grand scheme of things, does it REALLY matter if a bunch of trivial information is leaked early? Is it going to deter millions of people from seeing the film? Does it diminish anyones interest in the movie? Of course not. If anything, it helps to drive interest in the film and build anticipation of seeing Harrison Ford reprise his role as Indiana Jones. Any news is good news, right?

But apparently this leak has left Mr. Spielberg pretty steamed. Rumors abound that Spielberg and Lucas will use every tool in their vast arsenal to ensure that loose-lipped Tyler whatshisname's face will be left on the cutting room floor, allegedly going so far as to employ CGI if necessary to digitally remove him from any shot that they cant cut out of the film.

And news has hit today that before young Tyler could have his heart legally ripped out of his chest and his body lowered into an erupting volcano while the legal team chants "Kali-Ma! Kali-Ma!," both parties have decided to settle out of court for an undisclosed settlement. We're not sure what will become of Tyler, but we're betting that cleaning the toilets after Lucas' morning constitutional may be in the future.

So what was the big news that the banished extra blabbed? Well if you really want to know, the New York Post has the details. At present is still online.

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Anonymous said...

Its all hype. I bet he was paid to leak a bunch of info just to get people to follow whats going on.

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